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Best Free Bandicut Video Cutter: Windows. Bandicut is a simple-to-use video cutting machine that can cut your clip into several parts for your convenience. It also serves as a video joiner and can extract the video clip from other files to make MP3 files. And best of all, the software can also extract the audio from video files to make MP3 files. The best thing about the Windows software is that it has all the features of the more expensive versions, while being able to save more money on your pocket. However, you must know that Bandicut offers three types of Windows software: the Standard version, the Plus version and the Professional version. You will have to choose between them according to your requirement and requirements.

Standard version of this software allows you to produce high quality video cuts. This includes creating and editing video with different effects. And it also allows you to trim, copy, cut, merge and combine video clips in your preferred format and style. If you need more options to perform the tasks, then you should opt for the Plus version of the software. Here, you can import and export video files in both Windows Movie Maker and Windows AVI formats.

On the other hand, if you need more features, then you should go for the Professional version. In this, you are provided with more options such as auto-conversion of the video file into other formats, video trimming, merging, trimming, adding text and converting video files into other applications. With the professional version, you are able to create professional looking videos. And you can also save more time as compared to the other versions.

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